Effective L&D Plans for Dealerships

Tackling high attriion rates and improving performance.

Industry/Use Case


    • A global automotive company entered Indian market in 2015 with two manufacturing facilities in India
    • Committed to bringing products that Indian customers want and value, the company’s biggest-ever product line offers a vehicle to suit the need of nearly every consumer
    • The company operates through a wide channel of dealers to penetrate its reach to the Indian consumers.


    • Company was struggling with the salesforce of their dealerships and wanted to relook at the process of employee evaluation
    • The company also faced a challenge of lack of performance and customer centricity in the dealership staff.
    • High attrition rate in the workforce possessed another challenge for this global automative company.


    • Mettl’s team of Psychometric experts identified 4 key competencies required for the role i.e. Customer focus, Result orientation, Influencing and Sales Knowledge.
    • The identified competency framework was mapped with Mettl’s off the shelf array of Pre-Built Assessment Tests Library
    • Leveraged three Pre-Built Assessments for different levels of employees:
    • Sales Entry Level
    • Sales Experience
    • Customer Service Advisor


    • The firm was able to identify top performers in every function and filer mediocre performers resulting in ~20% topline growth.
    • The challenge of attrition was significantly reduced owing to filtration of the sales staff using the designed competency framework. Thus the competency framework designed also helped in future sales hiring.
    • For mediocre performers, areas of development and training needs were identified.
    • Quick evaluation helped the company in analyzing if its human capital is well equipped to meet individual as well as business goals