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Former VP and India Talent Head

We hire around 1,500 people every month and screen around 20, 000 candidates to hire this number. Now, we use Mettl for 60% of our online assessments. We find the platform extremely adaptable and highly customizable.


Leading IT Services Provider reduces time to hire with Mettl by 7 days


    Business Challenges

The IT mammoth with a presence in over 40 countries, services about 900 clients worldwide with 130,000 employees on board.

The volume of hiring in the company is overwhelming by any industry standard, and they are constantly on they look-out for experts in a large variety of technologies to be able to serve their clients in the best possible manner.

The forward looking recruitment team in the company wanted to streamline their hiring process with better logistics, eliminating subjectivity in the hiring parameters and handling higher volumes

They wanted to impact organizational metrics by improving the Time to Hire as well as Cost per hire.


Mettl Inc. believes in a consultative approach to client problem solving, which helps customers pick the right product mix to address their challenges.

Mettl offered its Online Assessment platform with access to validated question banks and Advanced Proctoring as an integrated solution.

Mettl's existing Question Bank supported the company with over 48 skills covering technologies like SAP, Oracle, CSD, Legacy, Testing and more. These changes helped minimise the TAT (turnaround time) to close position, eliminate subjectively in selection by use of validated question banks across skills and significantly reduce costs associated with the hiring by freeing up billable time in interview panel members.

The Coding Simulator from Mettl helped pick immediatly deployable candidates with strong hands-on skills across multiple programming languages.

This "Skill Based" hiring process helped improved Quality of Hire metric with a strong positive impact on productivity of organization

The Proctoring solution from Mettl (both Basic and Advanced) helped ensure fairness in test taking without need for an on-ground invigilator thereby eliminating time and costs invested towards logistics.

Overall, the entire Assessment administration process underwent a big change and became easy to manage, monitor and measure for effectiveness.

    Strong Business Results


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