Demystifying Sales Hiring

A Collaborative Study by Mettl & SHRM India, 2017

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    Selling works when an organization, and its sellers, excel in certain key areas. As sales organizations focus more and more on the human side of sales acceleration, sales competencies are being prioritised as the foundation to better hiring, training and development of sales executives. Especially in high-growth organizations where reps are being hired quickly, sales competencies are a great method to establish a common language, process and benchmark for hiring in sales.

    However, it’s quite likely that commonly used competencies will fail to deliver any measurable improvement in your team’s performance or your bottom-line.

    The question remains, "How do you build a winning sales team?" Mettl-SHRM India’s 3 factor sales model focuses on Offering Complexity (What you sell), Process Complexity (How you sell) and Buyer & Environment Sophistication (To whom you sell). This study attempts to classify and break down sales job roles such that competencies that are common as well as different for these job roles could be gleaned.








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