Sales Performance Study 2017

Insights and trends from a survey of over 1600 sales professionals

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Industry/Use Case

    Over 8 months, Mettl conducted an in-depth research along with SHRM to address (and to a large extent simplify) the diversity prevalent in sales roles across industries. The objective was to not only better understand the nature of sales across industries and buyer type and medium of selling, but also identify key factors that lead to success in various sales situations. Deep-diving into one-of-its-kind research for identifying the right set of behavioral competencies, aptitudes, and motivations for various industries and sales teams, Mettl conducted a short survey to discover:

    1. Do people decisions (hiring, onboarding, training) affect sales performance?
    2. How important are people decisions across industries, company size, and buyer type?
    3. What is the impact of smarter people decisions on sales team performance?
    4. How can HRs identify the right competencies to augment their people decisions?

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