Psychometric Tests In Recruitment

Understand how you can leverage the power of pychometrics in recruitment.

Industry/Use Case

    Psychometric tests are the standard, legitimate, logical and scientific method used to measure the behavioral traits and mental capabilities of the people. These assessments are principally proposed to gauge whether the individual is suitable for a specific job role in view of two core skills: personality and ability.

    A business is all about two things: People & Money. Be on point for the people part of your business equation through our psychometric tests. What our psychometric assessments do, can be summed up in three steps. The factors are:

    1. Decode the Human Personality- Human behavior is not exactly the same as their personality but is a function of certain factors. Our holistic assessments cover all the possible aspects of human personality and measure their behavior.  

    Bright Side- Based on Big Five Personality Traits, this comprises of positive personality traits that are noticed quickly and capable of enhancing job performance.

    Dark Side- This comprises stable characteristics of a person when triggered, lead to the display of undesirable and destructive behavior, promoting negative impact all around.

    Cognitive Abilities- These are brain-based skills one needs to process any activity. The way things are perceived, the strategic thinking, decision making, etc. form its substratum.

    X-factors- This includes several other factors like upbringing, motivation and values, which grow gradually over time subject to an individual’s social and psychological development.

    2. Measure Via Appropriate Tools- Based upon the exact science, we have a set of valid and reliable assessment tools for behavioral problems, individually designed to evaluate the bright side, dark side and motivation factor in candidate/employee while hiring/training.

    Mettl Personality Inventory- MPI is an innovative, data-backed personality assessment that evaluates critical work-relevant personality traits.

    Mettl Personality Profiler- MPP helps predict behavioral competencies, which in turn, lead to organizational outcomes of interest.

    Mettl Dark Personality Inventory- MDPI aims to measure negative personality constructs in potential hires and existing employees.

    Mettl Motivation Inventory- MMI is a comprehensive test of motivation, that predict what actually drives a person to effectively perform and excel at work.

    3. Impact Your Business Outcomes- Mettl tools can be leveraged to have a strong and effective impact on each of the aspect of employee life-cycle. This starts with hiring the best fit, culturally and role-wise, to training them and finally transforming them into better leaders.

    Recruitment- Hire candidate whose qualities, judgments, outlook, and behavior fit in with the organizational culture. We help you recruit role-fit as well as culture-fit candidates.

    Training & Development-  Psychometric tests help recalibrate the skills of the employees in terms of competencies aligned with business objectives. The assessments are designed to identify the specific training needs and measure the effectiveness of training incorporated.

    Organizational Planning- The assessments help to pinpoint the organization’s short and long-term objectives by succession planning and high potential identification within the business.

    Thus, psychometric assessments not only help in hiring the best candidates but aids them to become better managers and grow into strong and responsible leaders. Thereby creating a strong pipeline of high performing teams throughout the organization.