Key Features of Our Online Coding Platform

Technical Hiring, Made Much Easier Via Automated Tests & Data Driven Scientific Reports


Conducting Tests, Now Completely Flexible


Pick a ready-made test from our comprehensive test library covering almost all the segments

Design the test using your own questions or our extensive coding assessment library


Depth x Breadth

Test candidates on micro-skills within a larger skill set. With over 20 programming languages and with a base of around 1000 questions covering almost 150 hot skills, our coding challenges cover the breadth and depth of each of the topics covered.

(For example- CSS>>CSS effect>>Box Shadow Effect)

depth x breadth

Risk-free and Secure Proctored Coding Development Environment


Experience the true potential of AI in our Advanced Automated Online Proctoring like never before; a comprehensive suite of anti-cheating solutions that includes live monitoring, authenticity and a secure browser. It takes care of even the minute malpractices like

Presence of the extra person or complete absence of the candidate

Presence of mobile phones

Cases where the candidate’s face is clipped by image border



Check Plagiarism

Detect code similarity, be it outright or partial, based on identical lines, code structure & other parameters via an automated system

We use combination of MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) and our in-house string comparison algorithm to keep a check on plagiarism

check plagiarism

Conquer Candidates’ Love With An Overwhelming User Experience

Stepwise Approach

A systematic approach to solving problems:

Overcome compilation errors

Handle issues in default cases

Pass each hidden test cases

step wise approach


No need to remember a lot, be it keywords, function name or anything. The auto-complete feature automatically recommends language specific suggestions at certain syntax points which provides them context driven suggestions.


Freedom to Code

Leverage our comprehensive coding platform with the user-friendly and super easy-to-use interface. With liberty to code in over 20 languages, we provide easy-to-follow questions with the proper description, making assessments experience all the more fun.

freedom to code

Speed, Perfection & Expertise

Custom Scoring

We award points to each of the hidden and default test cases successfully passed by several parameters.

These include code correctness, its difficulty level, time and space complexities, and other such key points.

Based on all of these, a candidate is given a score which is considered as the benchmark for getting to the next level.

custom scoring

Code Playback

Watch the code-movie recorded at each keystroke to know the thought process of the candidate and how he/she executed the program. Tightly integrated with the code editors like Emacs, Vims, and Sublime, Code Playback shows you the video of the evolution of code at each compilation.

code playback

Scrutinize & Understand the Candidate Through Our Extensive & Customized Reports

Customized Reports

A programmer is what he codes. And the low-lights of a candidate are as much of importance as the highlights. We extract every minute detail of the coder and provide it in a customised manner. This include:

Selected coding language

Code compilation attempts

Error details (in case of code compilation fails)

Code complexity

Actual code of the candidate

Code-video based on each keystroke and compilation

No. of deviations from the screen