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Coding Simulators are designed to simulate stunningly real coding environment for key technical skills. Evaluate the true coding potential by assessing solution correctness, coding pattern and code efficiency.

Create Test from Coding Challenges or MCQs


  • Choose a standardized coding test for key technical skills from Mettl's extensive library of Pre-built tests.

  • A wide of range of technical skills, like front-end development, java development, android skills, and more.


  • Create your own Test- Create a customized coding challenge on your own or by using Mettl's extensive library of coding challenges or skill based MCQs.

  • Get in touch with our experts - Create a customized coding test with the help of our in-house experts suited to your job specific competency framework.

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Using Coding Simulators for filtration is a thing of past

Now SELECT candidates with Mettl's Coding Simulator


Most of the generic assessments provide an inverted graph of candidate scores which signifies that either candidate could or could not solve a problem. Difference between good coders and bad coders is hard to find.

Mettl's Simulator based tests gives you more spread graph which helps in differentiating between good and great coders. Varied test cases are added in coding question, enabling you to discriminate at various performance levels.

Why Choose Mettl ?

Make Right Decisions. Hire Better.

Reduce Screening Time

Upgrade from traditional resume filtering. Shift to automated assessments for better objectivity and standardization of the process.

Increase Quality of Hire

Leverage scientific techniques for code evaluation. Make better data driven hiring decisions by evaluating true coding potential of candidates.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Minimize human, operational, infrastructure and logistical costs with the objective and automated approach to screening & hiring.

Identified Key Talent Across 50K Employees at Wipro
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