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You need more than a resume. Mettl's Psychometric Assessments let you evaluate a candidate's psychological compatibility with the intended position. We give you actionable data on otherwise subjective traits.

International Test Standards

mettl's psychometric tests are designed based on the international test standards

Each of our assessments has been designed based on guidelines set by the American Psychological Association, International Test Commission and British Psychological Society.

Researched Backed Assessments

psychometric tests satisfying the international test construction standards

Our psychometric assessments are based on contemporary theories in organizational behavior and comply with international test construction standards.

Underlying Theories & Concepts

mettl's online psychometric tests are designed based on the international test standards

Our assessments draw from leading psychological theories including, The Big 5 personality model, Alderfer's ERG theory, Bass' model for leadership styles, and more

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Measure The Right Competencies

We present an exhaustive perspective on more than 80 different competencies. Our framework incorporates a model of work performance that defines the relationship between competency potential, competency requirements for a specific job role.

Have your own competency framework? Select from Mettl's competency library to create your custom psychometric assessment.

Customized Reports With Expert Recommendation

Our system offers a highly flexible framework for custom reporting, giving you actionable data on pre-hires, employees, managers, training effectiveness and more.

Psychometric competency framework

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